GAIKING The Movie Trailer (2012) – Real? I wish.

I just saw the trailer on youtube and I might say, I was very impressed. The graphics, details,  music & sound effects, all were very well done and believable. For me it’s legit or so I hope and want it to be. You decide for yourself.

Gaiking [1], A mysterious mecha with a Daikū Maryū’s head on its chest. The unit was piloted by a baseball star named Sanshiro Tsuwabuki, known as Aries Astronopolous in the English version. It is launched when the Head of Daikū Maryū while Daikū Maryū launches Parts 1 (Arms and Chest) and 2 (Torso, Legs and Feet), combining it to form the mecha. The unit has a powerful feature called “Face Open”, which utilizes Gaiking’s hidden weapons. However, this machine’s origin and why it is made remains a mystery.

Gaiking the movie trailer 2012

(1 – source: Wikipedia, Gaiking)

One response to “GAIKING The Movie Trailer (2012) – Real? I wish.

  1. it looks legit… Matthew Gratzner was credited for directing

    he was the special effects director or iron man, aliens, reel steal among other things 🙂

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