Genesis @ UP AME Monogatari

AME Monogatari (“AME tale or story“) is the 8th event hosted by UP.AME (UP Anime Manga Enthusiasts) as they celebrated their 11th year. It was held at the East Pavilion of World Trade Center Manila last Saturday on November 12, 2011 from 11pm – 9pm.

Honesty at first, we were really down for the incoming weekend, for we planned on flying to Singapore to attend the Anime Festival Asia 2011 but due to some financial and booking problems, the plan got cancelled.

So, to get us lively again we searched for another event to go to this weekend and heard of an anime convention will be held on the same weekend and that is AME MONOGATARI and as of rumors, it would be a cool event and a big one to look forward to… and they were right it was AWESOME!

With our trusty SONY Cybershot Digital Camera, we drove off from Glorietta after a hot cup of coffee and a very sweet snack at Starbucks and got there by approximately 4pm. As we arrive, we saw some familiar faces outside the venue as cosplayers, photographers, and some attendees as they loiter around probably because of the large crowd inside. After taking some pictures and videos ourselves and some small chats with our acquaintance who were also there, we proceed on getting ourselves tickets so we could go inside.

The crowd was overwhelming as we were having a hard time moving around as we stroll around taking more pictures and videos, and hunting down cool cosplayers that we want to have pictures with.

They Scream!

I Scream!

she was moving backwards as we take this picture LOL

Our otaku buddy, Lou.

Sei-sama find her hot ❤

Nyke-san is crushing ❤

it's a FAIL!


you can find more of this pictures

HERE! (our venue stroll… )


HERE! (Cosplayers Venue Catwalks)

overall it was a fun and tiring day for GENESIS and is looking forward for the next event by UP.AME as we congratulate them for a successful event.

Sei-sama desu! "omedetto gozaimazu" UP.AME \m/

Here’s GENESIS’s first ever video coverage of an anime event.

We are sorry for the crappy shots & video editing. We don’t have fancy equipments & proper editing skills (yet). Hope you enjoy it and Thanks for watching!

GENESIS presents UP AME Monogatari

“Sunrise 4 You”
The Sura Quintet
VA-Surfing Chillhouse Vol 3

for the picture version of the stage catwalks, you can check them out HERE!

If only we can take this tarpaulin home...

AUTHOR: Seishiro a.k.a Sei-sama

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