ANOTHER New Anime Series of 2012

Hi fellez. Sei-sama here…

I’m here for ANOTHER introduction of a new anime series for this winter season…

At last, after all this years… I’ve been grueling to see ANOTHER horror-based anime series since the end of “Ghost Hunt” on March 2007 and finally I’ve been quite excite to see this one after its announcement and saw the trailer on youtube.

GENESIS present to you this new anime series by P.A Works entitled “ANOTHER” that started airing last January 9, 2011 based on the novel by Yukito Ayatsuji. For all you occult / horror anime fan out there like me, this is a must watch series. With the somewhat gloomy visual athmosphere paired with an awesome yet creapy BGM makes it an appealing and effective horror story. And since the animation is similar to that of P.A. Works’ previous project “Hanasaku Iroha” I can say I like it and I think I’m gonna enjoy this one…I remember the time I played Silent Hill

Back in 1972, Misaki, a student from Yomiyama Middle School Class 3-3 was a verg good student, pretty, popular and loved by both students and teachers until she died from an unknown accident. Saddened, her classmates continued their daily lives as if Misaki is still with them until graduation. Then they saw their class picture and Misaki was there with them.

Now the story takes place in the spring of 1998, a 15-year old middle schooler Kouichi Sakakibara moves from Tokyo and lives with his grandparents on her late mother’s hometown while his father working overseas.

He tranferred to Yomiyama Middle School Class 3-3, but due to a lung decease he was hospitalized before school starts. If you want to know more, I guess you just have to watch it and see it for yourselves but for me I recommend you guys see this one… 😀

Here’s some sceenshots from Episode 1:

WARNING! Possible spoilers ahead…

so if you don’t wanna, you know what to do, right?

She's right behind you...


Oh yeah' if you must know she sounds-like a humanoid interface created by the Data Overmind to observe a specific person named H.S. But of course just as I said, sounds-like, but not exactly her...

they look very welcoming indeed...

I think she's at Academy City or is that a different Misaki...

She saw...BIG!

's up!

not that she really speaks a lot...

see you again next episode on ANOTHER which is next week...

3 responses to “ANOTHER New Anime Series of 2012

  1. ohh… new layout? 😀

  2. Where is Misaki in the pic?

  3. @Catherina:

    up until now, It hasn’t been revealed yet.

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