Genesis brings you the latest episode for this week.

Just a quick re-cap of what just happened on this episode.

WARNING! Spoiler Alert…

Not much advancement to the story besides Kouichi  still being persistent on knowing more about Misaki in spite of her telling him not to talk to her anymore. But of course his curiosity to follow this mysteriously cute girl with an awesome eye-patch on her left eye made him want to somewhat stalk her a little more…

well, nevermind the eye-patch, you're a cute girl...

By the looks of this episode, Kouichi seems to be attending school for quite some time now but in spite all this time, looks like he has yet to know some important details with regards to what class he is in as it looks like his classmates still keeps it a secret from him.

i see...


oh shit!


As classes ended, Kouichi got his chance, as he proceeded to to his personal secret mission of tailing Misaki hoping to get some answers…LIKE a STALKER!

ahhmm... I just happen to walk this way as well.


waaah! where's she go?

not here!

As he go further Kouichi ended up in an old, creepy Doll Store where he found Misaki unexpectedly on his surprise…

If I happened to end up in this kind of store, I'll probably get me atleast a doll or two.

waahh! Misaki is a Doll!?

no, LOL!

troll success...

yes, do ask the same question...

lemme guess...Geass? Sharingan? Ryugan?

to be continue... join us next week for ANOTHER episode...

The episode ended up on a cliff-hanger as to what is hidden behind Misaki’s mysterious, yet so awesome eye-patch, so I guess we just have to wait till next week for the next episode…

3 responses to “ANOTHER ~ 02

  1. Ugh I can’t wait to see what is under that damn eye-patch of hers. Damn cliffhangers…I hate having to wait until next Monday T_T

  2. Офигенное аниме,посмотрел все серии и бонусную,хоть бы был второй сезон,или на подобие такого аниме

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