Genesis at Battalia Royale

Genesis dives head on to the unique experience of Sipat Lawin Ensemble’s performance of Battalia Royale.

Based on the multimedia franchise Battle Royale by Koushun Takami. This adaptation brings the story closer to the audience not only by giving it home grown aesthetics but also literally bringing us inches away from the action.

The photographer was not seen again after taking this shot…

The premise, for those not familiar, is that an entire class of 40 students secretly rerouted during their class field trip. Waking up dazed after being kidnapped, they were told by their teacher that they would need to kill each other until only one of them is left. If there are more than one person alive during the given 8 hours, all of them will die.

you get one at random…
and no… not everyone can be Katniss

The scenes were visceral, exhilarating and unnerving.  Being anime fans, I admit we at Genesis are a bit desensitized to fake violence.  We can tell it’s a fake gun, a fake knife and fake blood.

So i’m guessing the class reunion would be very dead?

This unreality though is what made us appreciate what is real… That we are watching an excellent story presented by a dedicated ensemble with a cast of talented actors.

We are deeply moved by your performance and are very inspired by your hard work.

We at Genesis will certainly look forward to any of Sipat Lawin’s future endeavors.


the victor stands alone…

Sipat Lawin Ensemble
Battalia Royale Blog
Battalia Royale Facebook


No members are actually harmed during this coverage… well, maybe a little


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