Genesis eats Yabu: House of Katsu

GNS gets a taste of the divine  from the famed “YABU: House of Katsu”
at SM Megmall.

Situated in the cozy second floor of SM Megamall Atrium, their relaxing atmosphere is just enough to make you forget you are in a busy mall.

Yabu offers a complete dining experience, their menu is informative and entertaining. Everything you need to know about katsu and some little extra entertainment from the form of a simple but well drawn Manga.

Acclaimed as the first authentic House of Katsu, Yabu is definitely no slouch in bringing out the best from its specialty dishes.

The sauce is something you have to mix yourself.

They provide you with your own suribachi and surikog to control how fine the sesame seeds would be…

… and a hishaku to control how thick the sauce you want to put in.

To produce the perfect sauce just the way you like it.

“Rosu Special Katsudon”
Delectable slice of fatty pork deep-fried to perfection, served with bonito flakes and then topped with an egg with a little bit of nori. Will cost you 330php.

“Rosu Katsu Curry”
Claims to take 43 ingredients and 3 hours to make a perfect curry? The taste makes us believe its true! Just around 330php.

“Vegetarian Katsu Set”
For those trying to be a little bit (just a little) healthy. Perfectly deep-fried Japanese silken tofu, onion rings, eggplant, bell peppers, potatoes and carrots can be served for you. It’s just around 290php.

“Ebi and Fish Special Katsudon”
For those craving for the taste of the sea. Tiger prawns and cream dory go for a deep-fried swim for your taste buds. Will set you back 365php.

“Mixed Katsu Set”
For those who really can’t decide on what to order, how about a little of everything? Pork, tiger prawn, cream dory, scallop, eggplant and bell pepper make a heavenly choir for you gastronomical pleassure. Set aside 475php for this.

All meals come with unlimited rice and cabbage salad, so perfect for those looking for a really big meal.

Yabu lives up to its name. Hands down the best Katsu restaurant in the city.

Definitely on GNS top list so check it out and you may be able to catch us there.

YABU: House of Katsu
SM Megamall
2/F Mega Atrium
Contact Number



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