Genesis eats at ChickenChicken

GNS travels to a not so far off land to find a not so remote location in the quest of finding the infamous “ChickenChicken” at Estrada street Manila

You have to do a little bit of walking to this place. From the corner of Taft Ave., you have to walk about 3 blocks along Estrada street a little bit pass the Dls-Csb Angelo King International Center.

There is no signage so you will have to look of a bungalo type house on the right side.

Or better yet… just follow your nose to find the sweet aroma of deep-fried goodness.

ChickenChicken’s offerings are simple and to the point.

Quality over Quantity

“Special Sauce”

Special SauceThe standard “Pinoy Gravy” with the added twist of anise makes a unique and exhilarating flavor. It brings out the zest for everything in their menu. You get this for Free.

“Fried Chicken”

Awesome ChickenThe star of the show and it has the sparkle to prove it. Crispy Golden brown chicken breast with an intoxication aroma. Dip it in the sauce and it becomes an explosion of flavor. Good for two at 77php, what more can you ask?

“Fried Pork chop”

Fried PorkchopTwo big slices of porkchop join their chicken companions in the same breading and batter. Big enough to share for 72php.

ChickenChicken is a no-nonsense restaurant. No frills, no shrills, just good food.

Estradat Street,

Author: Ramipon

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