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Genesis at Cosplaymania 2013


Genesis sneaks into the crown at Cosplaymania last October 5 and 6 at SMX Convention Center !!!


sneak in… then sneak out… or whatever comes first

With years of experience in events management, has become the premiere organization for the management of Cosplay Events, employed by the largest anime, gaming, toy, comic book and collectibles conventions in the country to handle their cosplay segments. As such, they have garnered a reputation for providing creative Cosplay activities, detailed and concise rules and guidelines, excellent crowd control, and an orderly registration system.


More than that… it is also second anniversary! We decided to celebrate such infamous day by launching our kinder joy giveaway promo. Click here for more info.


also the debut of our new banner

We would like to say our heartfelt gratitude for those who participated. We are happy to spread the cheer of kinder-joy to one and all ^_^


Our top pics for this con are:

Anime: Shingeki no Kyojin
Characters: Female Form Titan


Game: Metal Gear
Character: ???


Comics: Batman
Character: The Joker


Game: Kingdom Hearts
Character: Ven and Terra


TV Show: Power Rangers
Character: White Ranger


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Cosplay Mania 2013 Day 2 – Cosplayers

Also check out photos from our affiliates:

VANity Pictures – DAY1 CosplayMania 2013

PhotosNYKE and YUUKI

Genesis Celebrates Second Anniversary

gen2This year we are celebrating our anniversary with a deliciously fun treat.


Genesis has been raving mad about kinder joy; it’s like a happy meal that can fit in your pocket. One side is a a delicious contains soft creamy chocolate layers with two round, chocolate-covered wafers and the other side is a wonderful toy.
kinder_joy_toys-500x500We would like to share the joy of this wonderful treat by having a special contest at this years Cosmania on October 4 and 5 in SMX.

It’s like a gift that keeps on giving. A fun surprise in every shell.


The mechanics will be simple:

GENESIS’ Cosmania Kinder Egg hunt!

In celebration of Genesis’ 2nd year anniversary, We are giving away free KINDER JOY Chocolate Eggs for free! Just follow these steps:

  1. On any clean sheet of paper, write “” or any short message with our and your own name (i.e. “I Love – Meiji Purin”)


    Thank you Ms. Karuhi Kiryuu for the awesome fansign

  2. Look for our flag on COSMANIA day 1 or 2


    Object may appear bigger in real life

  3. Have a picture taken with us holding your made sign.


    Dramatic Representation

  4. And get a free Kinder Joy Chocolate Egg! (until supplies last)


    Overly Dramatic Representation

It’s that simple. So get ready and write those signs and We’ll see you in COSMANIA! MATTA NE!

kinder-joy-special copy

Graphics: NYKE

Genesis at Best of Anime 2013

post1Genesis joined the fray at Best of Anime last September 14 and 15 at SMX Convention Center !!!


you did remember to buy tickets… right?

Now on its 4th year, the Best of Anime (BOA) Convention is organized by Primetrade Asia. It has become one of the much anticipated cosplay convention of the year.


on the left you can see the corpses of our fallen comrades

Shingeki no Kyojin is the much deserved number 1 show this season. As fans, we pay homage to this great work of art granting it the best honor we can offer…. COSPLAY !!!

Our top pics for this con are:

Anime: Karas
Characters: Karas & ???


Anime: Persona 4
Character: Izanagi


Game: Halo
Character: Master Chief


Anime: Shingeki no Kyojin
Character: Marco Bodt


Anime: Fate series
Character: Gilgamesh


Find the rest of the pictures linked bellow.

Best Of Anime 2013 – Day 1 – Cosplay

Best Of Anime 2013 – Day 2 – Cosplay


GENESIS goes to Singapore – AFA2012

The guys of GENESIS packed their bags, withdrew their savings, and flew off to Singapore.

On the night of November 7, 2012, we all spent the night at Nyke’s place since it’s the nearest to the airport thus we can also have a meeting about what our battle plan will be once we get to our destination.

Then comes the morning of November 8, 2012, the day of our flight.

We woke up around 5:30am, and then by 6:30pm we set off to Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) Terminal 3. We checked-in our baggage, paid taxes, had some light breakfast, then by 10:30am, our plane departed.

onboard CebuPacificAir

The flight took about 3hrs and landed on Changi Airport Terminal 2. It was our 1st time landing on Changi T2 since we usually land on Changi Budget Terminal everytime I go to Singapore, but according to my cousin who lives in there, that terminal is long gone. And so, we decided to take a stroll around the place while waiting for the line at the immigration to shorten. Then after a few minutes of checking out the place, we went on ahead.

touchdown. Changi Airport Terminal 2






We then took a cab to ChinaTown since the hotel we had reservations is located there. Somewhat of a long ride since according to the map, it’s on the other side of the island. We stayed at Wink Hostel. Quite a small place, but the environment is nice. Good people, air-conditioned, and there’s free laptop usage with internet of course. The beds are comfortable too though we don’t really have the room for ourselves since it’s more like a bedspace so we share the room with other guests as well. That said, we were extra careful on how we moved around, as quiet as possible so that we would not disturb the other guests during night time incase someone is already traveling on dreamland.

Since, the doors to AFA2012 won’t be open untill the 10th and the 9th will only be for the I ❤ Anisong – Electric Groove – Electro Stage – T.M. Revolution Concert, and we don’t really have plans on watching it because of budget shortage, we have 2 free days on our schedule and is loaned for touring.

touchdown. Wink Hostel, ChinaTown

After unpacking some stuff and securing our luggage, we went on our journey for lunch time, went to Marina Bay where we spotted T.M. Revolution having a tour themselves, though we didn’t realize it was them up until they posted their pictures on Facebook. LOL! and so on, and so on…

Then comes the next day, November 9, 2012. Still a free day so the other guys went to check out Universal Studio, me (Seishiro) on the other hand went to Singapore Expo to pick up our tickets for AFA2012 Day 1&2 and our VIP concert tickets for I ❤ Anisong – Electric Groove – Jump Stage = LiSA <3. As expected, a lot of people are already there, mostly non-Singaporeans like me since we bought our tickets online and we’ll just have to pick them up on their designated ticket booth counters. Of course there are some Cosplayers around so I see a lot of picture takings all over the place. Some doors of the event halls are open so you can get a glimpse inside while booths are being set-up, but of course unless you’re a staff member, an Artist, or someone important for the event, you can’t get in.

pre-selling of tickets for AFA2012

After acquiring our tickets, I did not leave just yet hoping to maybe bump in with some country men who I know that will also attend the event, and maybe meet personalities like Danny Choo who’s probably inside rehearsing and then maybe will decide to take a break, have a snack or something on one of the fast-foods around the venue, but I guess I don’t have that much luck. I’m a huge fan so I was hoping to meet him in person to maybe shake his hand or have a picture with him as one of my goals on attending AFA2012. And if  I was skillful and talented enough, I would love to work for him in his company Mirai Inc.

for more pictures of the venue, Click Here!

Now comes the 1st Day of the event. Woke up around 7:00am, had breakfast and everything, had our gears ready and then we’re off. Took us about an hour through MRT to reach Singapore Expo. By the time we reach the venue, the place was already packed with people both inside and outside for more people still keeps coming and the ticket booth lines is still a long one.

We spent both days doing our stuff, strolling around, taking pictures, eat, but most of the time we were at the stage hall to watch the performances, talks about what’s new in the Otaku community, Costume Paly Competitions, Meet&Greets with famous artist, and Film viewings such as Fairy Tail: Movie, Naruto: Road-To-Ninja, Mardock Scramble, etc…

and the Concert, well all we can say is, IT’S WORTH EVERY DOLLAR!

The experience is different from what we have here in the Philippines, from the set-ups, the programs, and the environment. Really enjoyed every minute… and hope we can attend again this year 🙂

Genesis at Best of Anime 2012

GNS was part of the raving crowd at the Best of Anime on SMX Convetion center last September 15-16, 2012.

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