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Sword Art Online Season 2 Teaser Trailer

アニメ「ソードアート・オンライン2」告知PV.mp4_snapshot_00.29_[2014.01.04_20.46.08]One of the most awaited 2nd season for 2014 was announced together with the release of a teaser trailer giving SAO fans a hint of what to expect.

See teaser trailer:

Judging from the obvious hint, look like for this 2nd season, the series will be tackling on the events on the world of Gun Gale Online, thus entitled “Sword Art Online ~ The Phantom Bullet

095bd4c39ebcd9608471f067d5061268Though the events from this story arc is kinda exciting, I kinda wish they’ll consider inserting the Mother’s Rosario Arc as well, that would be great since I’m still kinda disappointed how they skipped a hell lot of shit for the Fairy Dance Arc (wishing they atleast make an OVA for the missing adventures…)




Iron-Man 3 Parody Trailer


For this today’s “Stream of the Week”

I came across and awesome parody trailer of the upcoming movie Iron-Man 3 and this is simply AWESOME! Kudos for the people who made this video. Good Job Guys! ( >_,<)7


Behind the Scenes

Here’s the Video. Enjoy!

Actual Iron-Man 3 Trailer

“Aqua and Spaceship (re-take)” ~ Hatsune Miku

Here’s another adorable creation from our awesome Dir. Masataka *feat Nexus in thier entry for the 8th MMD (Miku-Miku Douga) Cup entitled “Aqua and Spaceship (re-take)”

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“EDEN” ~ Hatsune Miku


Here’s another awesomeness from our great Dir. Masataka in his new Vocaloid’s Hatsune Miku Music Video entitled “EDEN” Continue reading

“Whose gun is it, anyway?” by Freddie W

HiYEAH! Another great video by the one and only Freddie Wong and of course his friends & crew. Enjoy.

Epic Meal Time presents FRENCH FRY WEEK! – Every day is Fry day!

Ahhhhh yeah. The “Bacon Boys” are at it again and this time, It’s a whole week long. Epic Meal Time, the fast rising internet / youtube sensation who released the inner bacon out of each and everyone, is presenting FRENCH FRY WEEK. Everyday for a whole week they will create “French Fry Themed” epic meals and gorge their faces with  fries, bacon, candied fries, Jack Daniels, and more bacon, AND MORE BACON THAT YOU COULD EVER IMAGINE.

Day 1: French Fry Salad

Day 2: Spam Fries Four Loko

Day 3: Candy Poutine

Day 4: Deep Fried Waffle Fries

Day 5: The Leftovers