Genesis news for Lupin the Third live action movie


Lupin the Third the movie will hit theaters in the summer of 2014!


The official cast includes Oguri Shun in the role of Lupin, Tamayama Tetsuji is Daisuke Jigen, Ayano Go is Goemon Ishikawa, Kuroki Meisa is Fujiko Mine and Tadanobu Asano is Koichi Zenigata.
Other cast members are: Jerry Yan in the role of villain, Kim Joo, Yaya Ying, Nick Tate, Nirut Sirichanya, Thanayong Wongtrakul.

Directed by Ryuhei Kitamura, writer Rikiya Mizushima.


Shooting, begin in Japan on October 3, will be carried out in five countries from Japan, to Thailand, Hong Kong, Singapore and the Philippines and will end at the end of the year.
The planning of this work has been going on for over four years and the only script took more than two years.

We have heard that Ogurin has been training for 10 months and lost 8 kg to look taller.

This is a monumental movie and we are hoping the cast and crew don’t disappoint.

– ramipon


Genesis lists Karnabal Festival line up



Sipat Lawin Ensemble’s REENACTMENTS
Nov. 20 (Wed) 6pm, & Nov. 22 (Fri) 5pm
@ The Manila Collectible Roof Deck, Intramuros
1 hour
REENACTMENTS is a performance of new works devised from national events that have been forgotten by the public, made visible again via performance. Devoid of the formal literary structure of narratives/emplotment, it offers what its title promises—reenactments of recent pasts and forgotten presents that are easily erased from our national memory as one news and internet fad after another buries last week’s headline.

To view more about Sipat Lawin Ensemble, click this.

Anino Shadowplay Collective’s ARKIPELAGO
Nov. 20 (Wed) 9pm, & Nov 23 (Sat) 7pm
@ NCCA Lobby, Intramuros
1 hour
Php100 students, Php150 regulars
*Fundraiser for the victims of Typhoon Yolanda
Arkipelago is a mash-up of Anino‘s productions that distillate the contemporary life and history of an archipelagic, sometimes fractious, people (Filipinos). Presented as a creative and symbolic non-fiction, the shadowplay showcases the myths and concerns of different cultural communities within, alongside the cultural influences coming from without. Arkipelago thus underscores the life of a nation awash in an increasingly globalising world.

Shaharazade Theater’s Story #15
Nov. 21 Thu. 7-8pm; 22 Fri. 9-10pm
NCCA Auditorium, Intramuros.

A story is born in the mind. It is a manifestation of one’s own consciousness. A character created is always a part of the writer’s own identity. A setting described in detail reflects the writer’s own memories and desires. The crafted plot is but an inward journey the writer takes himself. A story is merely a dream we share with the world.

What if writers were given the opportunity to dream together – to let their various characters cross paths; to allow their conceptions of time and place to merge; to entangle their different beginning-middle-and-ends?

As Shaharazade tells its 15th story out of the 1,001 that it will eventually share, the company will go n a mad experiment, wiring together the minds of actors, designers, writers, and directors in a shared-dream. The result of this orgy of thought and ideas could give birth to something beautiful and spectacular, or something monstrous and obscene. This is Story #15.

Ea Torrado’s NGA-NGA
Nov. 22 (Fri) 7pm & Nov. 23 (Sat) 7pm
@ The Manila Collectible Roof Deck, Intramuros
1 hour
nga-ngá png pag-nga-ngá [Bik Kap Hil Iba Ilk Mag Mrw Pan Seb ST War]:
pagbuka ng bibig; AKASANGÍ

Watch Nga-nga on November 22 (7PM) and 23 (8PM) 150/ticket at the rooftop of The Manila Collectible (Behind Manila Cathedral) in Intramuros. Support Sipat Lawin Ensemble’s KARNABAL: A Def. Defying Festival.

Dancers: Christopher Aronson, Erick Dizon, Jomelle
Era, Sabrina Gacad, Brian Moreno, Ea Ea Torrado

Silly People’s Improv Theater (SPIT)

Nov. 21 (Thu) 9pm
@ The Manila Collectible Roof Deck
2 hours

Nov. 23 (Sat) 9am
@ Paco Market

Nov. 23 (Sat) 4pm
@ The Manila Collectible Roof Deck, Intramuros
1 hour

SPIT is the premiere improvisational theater group in Southeast Asia. With close to five hundred performances in 10 years, SPIT has delighted local and international audiences with their unscripted unrehearsed and totally spontaneous shows.

Nov. 22 (Fri) 6pm, & Nov. 23 (Sat) 8pm
@ NCCA Auditorium, Intramuros
1 hour

Rehearsal for Disaster – A post apocalyptic silent dance movie.

On the night of January 2013, 3 weeks after the Christian Calendar’s New Year and a few more weeks before Chinese New Year, a group of survivors found themselves miraculously together. Faithfully following a kind of an energetic frequency which they thought was just a traumatic reaction from their recent tragic experience of massive grief and loss, they went through a corpo-spiritual boot camp and declare to defy reliance on all content systems of conflict, control, and separation frequencies. This mystery corporeal laboratory allowed them an experience to understand the shift from an isolating and low energy matrix of two way bi-directional interference to an accelerating frequency oscillation of nonlocal multidimensional level that can help transform a new operating system of consciousness and help rebuild an entire nation.

Nov. 23 (Sat) 6pm, & Nov. 24 (Sun) 3pm
@ The Manila Collectible Conference Room, Intramuros
20 min

Kissing is a skill that people just assume they’ll acquire naturally, that they’ll pick it up automatically just by doing it a few times. Some people think that as long as they’re not clashing teeth, they’re doing it right. Truth be told: there are a lot of terrible kissers out there. Join renowned Intimacy Coach, Toni Espinosa, as she leads you to a place of understanding about the reality behind what makes a make out worth making out.
The belief that human beings deserve to fully enjoy their intimate encounters drives much of Toni Espinosa’s work. Espinosa is a research scientist at University of the Philippines Public Health Department, co-director of the Center for Sexual Health Promotion, and sexual health educator. The author of five books about sex and love, her latest is “Have Heaps of Sex All The Time Starting Right Now and Not Stopping” (Running Press, 2012).


Genesis looks forward to Blue Bustamante


Blue Bustamante is an upcoming film directed by Miko Livelo. At first glance we know this will definitely be getting a cult following due to its original and heartfelt premise. It’s about a down on his luck father who found employment in Japan as an OFW who hides his real job as a suit actor for a Sentai show to his wife and kid.


Joem Bascon as George an OFW (Overseas Filipino Worker) dress up as a suit actor

The premise features a Sentai television show that has nothing to do with a man out of his luck like George Bustamante’s slice of life. This is as homely as any Pinoy Sentai can get.


The film is a pleasant and welcome surprise to the local movie scene. We would like to urge all pinoy sentai fans to support this movie. Who knows, Blue Bustamante can be a gateway film for more sentai goodness.

Blue Bustamante is currently on limited release under the Cinema One Originals Film Festival 2013.

1461435_555648157849394_1818906584_nBe sure to catch it if you have the chance.



Genesis wants you to look out for Karnabal Festival


From the esteemed creators of Battalia Royale; Sipat Lawin Ensemble breaks barriers and genres with KARNABAL: A DEF. DEFYING FESTIVAL: Works Beyond Definitions

Sipat Lawin Ensemble

“Def.” stands for “definition”, best explaining the mix of programmed performances as transgressing norms and going beyond definitions of art and what it should be.


Karnabal aims to highlight works on the edge, in between the lines, dynamic, bold, liminal, death- and depth-defying; and to explore new modes of production and performance-making. It serves as a shared avenue for companies and solo artists to freely test new works and/or develop existing ones, as well as share and generate new audiences for the Philippine performance scene.

Kolab Co.

Karnabal is set to take flight on November 17 (Sun), 20-24 (Wed-Sun) within Intramuros. Multiple venues will be used to simultaneously house performances, and functions, indoors and outdoors, all throughout the duration of the festival. Events fall under three different types of platforms:

• The Main Performance Platform, which features the original works of invited independent companies and solo artists, programmed throughout the duration of the festival. As of now, participants include the Sipat Lawin Ensemble, Kolab Co., Transitopia – Contemporary Dance Commune, Shaharazade Theater Company, Eisa Jocson, Ea Torrado, Destiyero Commune, Anino Shadowplay Collective and Daniel Darwin.

• The “Tsubibo” Open Platform, which features programmed performances from individuals and companies from different fields who want to test their works. This platform is offered on the last two days of the festival, November 23 and 24.

• Gatherings involves all the festival’s community offerings – workshops, talks, forums, panel discussions, get-together functions curated by the festival team engaging artists from different media.

For more information, contact or Mobile: 09175008753.

– ramipon

Genesis Second Anniversary Celebration ~ !!!


Hard to believe 2 years has passed since this humble group has started.

Since the our anniversary coincided with Cosplay Mania; we decided to host a fabulous promo: Kinder Egg Hunt

kinder-joy-special copyWe are very thankful to all our wonderful friends who joined. We sincerely hope you enjoyed the eggs.

1395877_582001951837358_213807710_nWe area also proud to announce the launch of our cosplay service: Gen>Gears.

gglogoWe are looking forward for another great year and we hope for your continued support.






Genesis reads Dean’s Note

deansnote cover

This week Genesis reads a clever and affectionate manga parody in the form of Deans Note.

Created by the esteemed LaongLaing; This webcomics takes a well know premise and mixes it with our local flavor.


What happens if the a local college student finds a real Death Note?


More importantly… what happens if that said college student isn’t exactly the sharpest pen on the desk?


Follow Ishmael, his friends, his not so good friends and everyone unfortunate enough to get caught in the crossfire into a high jinx filled romp in a twisted yet eerily familiar world.

deans note extra

Please do note (pun intended) that this young and upcoming artist is completely experimental in his approach, so expect randomness ranging from…

I__m_a_Fukin___Shark_by_paulo001being unable to define what you’re looking at…

ulan 3 copyto poignant moments that go straight to the heart.

So check it out if ever you find yourself looking for something new to read.

We never know… this can be a start of something big.

Dean’s Note by LaongLaing

about the authorAuthor: RAMIPON

Genesis launches Gen>Gears


To be headed by two of our esteemed members; the renowned armor crafter Gil and the freshest rising star Comet.


Gil wearing his finest vestments… Ren is on stealth mode.

 They would like to offer their humble services for creating custom made cosplay armors, weapons and accessories.


Lord Sauron; the original dark lord before other wanabees showed up

All this without having to break the Banks of Babylon.


Please contact us for any of your cosplay needs on the brand spanking new Gen>Gears facebook page.


Your satisfaction is our unequivocal pleasure.