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UP AME Monogatari: Individual Cosplay Competition

Hey guys! We’re back with another video of UP AME Monogatari 2011. This time it’s of the Individual Cosplay Competition. There were many great performances but unfortunately we were not able to capture them all, we are sorry about that. But rest assured, we definitely caught most of the catwalk’s highlights. Well, anyway, here’s our simple presentation of the event’s Individual Cosplay Competition. Watch and enjoy!

GENESIS at UP AME Monogatari – Indi Cosplay – Pt 1

Part 2 and probably a Part 3, coming soon.

Thank you for watching.

Genesis @ UP AME Monogatari

AME Monogatari (“AME tale or story“) is the 8th event hosted by UP.AME (UP Anime Manga Enthusiasts) as they celebrated their 11th year. Continue reading