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Epic Meal Time presents FRENCH FRY WEEK! – Every day is Fry day!

Ahhhhh yeah. The “Bacon Boys” are at it again and this time, It’s a whole week long. Epic Meal Time, the fast rising internet / youtube sensation who released the inner bacon out of each and everyone, is presenting FRENCH FRY WEEK. Everyday for a whole week they will create “French Fry Themed” epic meals and gorge their faces with  fries, bacon, candied fries, Jack Daniels, and more bacon, AND MORE BACON THAT YOU COULD EVER IMAGINE.

Day 1: French Fry Salad

Day 2: Spam Fries Four Loko

Day 3: Candy Poutine

Day 4: Deep Fried Waffle Fries

Day 5: The Leftovers